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Getting nervous and having anxiety before seeing an escort is perfectly normal, especially if it is your first time. You may be unsure of how to act, or what it is exactly that you are suppose to do; regardless of our excellent client reviews. You are paying for a service, and will want to make sure that both your needs and the needs of the escort that you are spending time with are met. As we all know, there are certain ways to settle our nerves when we get anxiety or are nervous; such as the use of alcohol and drugs. This may seem like a good idea, and you may even think that this will help you to perform better however, the use of these substances can have several ramifications and negative effects, however. In the following article we will be discussing why the use of alcohol and mild drugs may not be a good idea before spending time with an escort.

The Dangers of Alcohol and Drugs
It is important to remember that when you are enjoying the company of an escort, neither of you have met in the past, and are considered strangers. While this anonymity may seem to be a major part of the appeal, you should keep in mind that an escort will not know how you will react to either mild drugs or alcohol. If you are like me, you can handle your alcohol very well, with a high tolerance for it; I even let my walls come down and become a nicer guy with fewer inhibitions when I'm actively drinking. That being said, any prospective companion for the night will not know this, and can have every right to be concerned about how drinking will affect my behavior.

Alcohol and some milder drugs acts as a catalyst to break down your social walls that you have in place, and will aid in lowering your inhibitions. For me personally, it makes me laugh more and I become a funner person to be around. For others however, it can remove their ability to control their anger, and the smallest of things can set them off. Anyone who does not know you can either believe you when you say that you have a high tolerance for mood altering substances, but they will have no real way to know for sure until they are around you when you are not sober.

In addition to lowering your inhibitions, alcohol can have other negative effects in the bedroom as well. If you drink too much, you may have issues getting your cock hard, otherwise known as 'whiskey dick'. Or, if you are able to achieve an erection, it may become hard or even impossible to cum. This will make the night not enjoyable for both you and your companion, which may actually lead to more stress and frustration for you. Another thing that is important to point out here is the fact that you are on the clock, meaning that if you are spending time simply trying to perform due to excessive alcohol use it's both your time and hard earned money that will be wasted.

The same can be said for when you smoke weed, or engage in the use of similar mild drugs. While they can help to lower those walls and inhibitions, they can also affect you in adverse ways; similar to the use of alcohol. Generally, when a client smokes weed before spending time with an escort, their pupils will become dilated. This is the only way to tell that they are "high", but to the escort, they will not be able to differentiate what substance the client is actually on. They may become nervous, knowing that you are on something but not knowing exactly what. This can make the night go in the opposite direction that it was intended. Instead of being a night out of fun and enjoyment, it can become borderline scary. Due to the nature of their work, escorts have to consider their well being, and in instances like this they may very well tell you to get lost.

How to Relax Before Meeting an Escort
You may be wondering now how you can relax before your evening with an escort. While excessive alcohol use is not a good idea, you can still lower your inhibitions with a drink. That being said, it should only be one drink and should be at least an hour before your planned meeting. After you finish that drink, you should also either use mouthwash or have a mint on hand, to avoid smelling like booze. This will not only help to relax you beforehand, but will also ensure that your companion does not feel uncomfortable, and unsure of what to expect from you.

As for the use of drugs, even mild one, it is highly recommended that you simply steer clear, and avoid them. It isn't worth the risk, and there is no way to hide the fact that you are on a mind-altering substance.

There are still other ways that you can relax and calm your nerves, without the use of drugs or alcohol. Some people, myself included, like to clear their head either with a trip to the gym or a simple run beforehand. Or you can engage in one of your favorite activities, such as watching your favorite movie or TV show. Anything that keeps your mind occupied and lets you focus on anything else other than you nervousness or anxiety will help to keep you relaxed; ensuring that you night spend with an escort will be fun and exciting for both parties involved. As clients, we are use to thinking of ourselves first; for instance, you are going to be picking an escort that makes your blood pumping and that you are attracted to. This can be selfish and self-indulgent, and we need to keep in mind that escorts are always in a vulnerable position, and they never know what to expect from a client. We should do everything we can to also make them feel as comfortable as possible, which is what they are trying to do for you as well.

If that means skipping the drugs and alcohol for the night, it is widely regarded as the least that we can do as clients. Finding another way to relax before your meeting is highly recommended, and will ensure that your night will be memorable both for you and the escort.

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